Little Penguin Amigurumi

I volunteer at my daughter's school library about twice a month and love hearing about what the children are reading. I remember going to the same school library as a child (it seemed so much bigger back then!) and poking through the shelves with all the treasured titles. It was one of my favorite times each week.

The current school librarian is an amazing lady. A former music therapist and experienced children's librarian, Mrs D. always has fun activities to go along with the week's titles and great challenges on deck to get the kids into sections of the library they wouldn't otherwise discover. If it were up to me, Mrs D. would have an unlimited account to buy stuff for the school library. But I guess the school does need things like textbooks and physical education supplies too.

"Penguin and Pinecone" -- seriously... go buy this book!
This week's volunteer time introduced me a to a new title, "Penguin and Pinecone" by Salina Yoon. It was love at first sight. I mean come on... a penguin who knits a scarf for his pine cone friend? What's not to love?

Mrs D. had me cutting and assembling penguin paper dolls for the kindergarteners and first graders to use during imaginative play. They were adorable, but flimsy. We were both a little sad that they probably wouldn't hold up for one class -- let alone six.

I headed home and pulled out the hook. In next to no time, I had my first draft. I showed it to my daughter and asked what she thought -- and boy, did I get some constructive feedback! In fact, this design represents the FIRST collaborative pattern I've ever done with my daughter. I'm pretty excited about it!

After delivering a batch of penguins to the school library (if you're anywhere 50 miles from our school, you probably heard the librarian's squee), I got busy on a penguin pattern to share with the world. You can get the new pattern in my usual outlets. Download it here or from Ravelry and you'll pay only $2 for the pattern. Or you can get it from Etsy for 99 cents more*.

Want the full pattern details? You can find out what stitches, hook, and yarn you'll need here. And happy crocheting!


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