Amigurumi Pals Bear, Bunny & Kitty eBook

This pattern has been a loooong time coming -- mostly because I kept finding "one more thing" that I just had to add. But patience has paid off because I finally hit the "publish" button this morning: the Amigurumi Pals: Bear, Bunny & Kitty eBook is here!

So, what's so cool about this eBook? It's a super-simple approach to infinitely customizable amigurumi! You get three animal forms with one simple body design; choose from a bear, bunny, or adorable grumpy kitty and follow the recipe to make up your new pal. When you're done, the eBook also includes instructions for custom accessories, including a little dress, bow, hat, scarf, and button-flap satchel.

Finish a sweet little girl bear and then change up the ears and accessories to create a bunny boy. The possibilities are endless and it's entirely up to you!

As always, the patterns are available through Ravelry, or right here from my website for just $5.00. If you prefer Etsy, you can also get the pattern there for 99 cents more.

Happy crocheting!