Once upon a time, back before there even was an Itsy Bitsy Spider, I was a two-craft kind of girl. Yes, crochet has always been my first love... but on the side, I'm a knitter.

Scandalized? I should say so.

So, every once in a while, I feel the need to drop the hook and get my needles going. The sad part is that I just make the same thing over and over.


A new pair of socks for my husband

I don't know why I always return to socks. I don't even have a copy of the pattern I once used anymore. I've made it that many times.

You know what the crazy part is? I don't even like to wear knitted socks. They all go to my husband. And he gladly wears every last zany-colored pair... to work, no less.

It takes all types, right?

So I'm wondering, how many of you are combination knitter-crocheters? Do you have a favorite of the two? And, what's your go-to project when your brain just doesn't want to deal with something new?


  1. I LOVE to knit, recently I have tried to learn to crochet and I can't seem to figure it out.. any good websites you know of to help me learn?

  2. One resource that I can't say enough good things for is Nexstitch.com -- they have some fantastic crochet videos and everything is grouped together so you don't have to hunt all over YouTube to find them ==> http://www.nexstitch.com/v_crochet_videos.html

    And a trick you might want to try -- look at starting with Tunisian crochet. This technique keeps all the working stitches on your hook (sort of like knitting) and seems like the shortest jump in the crochet/knitting leap of faith. Of course, the lovely folks at Nexstitch have videos for that too! http://www.nexstitch.com/v_Tutorials.html

  3. Hi Kafka, I love to knit too, makes a change from crochet and sometimes I just want that knitted look. I love baby/toddler legwarmers for a quick easy knit fix, and my boys love wearing them under their trousers in the winter. Knitted in the round, 44 stitches, 6 rows of 2x2 rib then k to desired length, y more rows of 2x2 rib and CO. Ta da, done :-) x

  4. .....Karla, sorry my predictive text on my phone changed your name, ooops x

  5. Wonderful! I will check out that website and thank you for the tips! :D

  6. Hey Karla,
    Not scandalous at all..I'm a two craft kind of girl too... all though I learned to knit much before I taught myself how to crochet.But I love crochet more than knitting (it increases so much faster, and it's so much easier to unravel when you go wrong). I do keep multiple projects (both knit and crochet) at hand.. just to break the monotony of doing one thing for too long...
    I completely hear what you say.. about feeling the need to drop the hook and take to your knitting needles :) it happens to me all the time....

  7. Hi Karla,

    I knit all the time - it is really relaxing and much easier on my hands and shoulders than crochet (especially compared to the big crochet monsters I have been doing). Plus with all the work leading up to my exhibition I got a bit burned out on crochet.

    I always have a pair of socks on the go, usually striped and knitted toe up both at the same time on a cable needle. I always struggled with the second sock so doing them both together works really well for me

    I also like knitting lace - if you knit doily patterns with thick yarn you can make fabulous blankets (I will be posting the one I just finished on my blog this week).

    I always go back to crochet when I want to sculpt something though, maybe because I can shape as I go and it is easy to undo. Knitting needs to much planning for freeform design.

  8. I LUV to knit and funny thing recently I've crashed into sox too! I've already made 3 pairs non stop and started the 4th today. No second sock syndrome btw. In fact since I learned how to do it on circulars I enjoy the process so much it's awesome to make it all over again.

  9. @Happy Hoopy -- I kind of liked being "Kafka" Sounds romantic!

    And thanks for sharing that leg warmers pattern. I KNOW what I'm knitting next!

    And to all else -- I'm glad to know that I'm not some kind of freak with my sticks and hooks -- well, at least if I am, I'm in good company!!!

  10. I just discovered your blog and this topic made me laugh!
    I do exactly the same! Love crocheting and knitting socks! But I do not wear the socks, haha, just like you do.
    I only knit for a year now, think I take my socks with me tomorrow on my little trip.

    Thanks, going to read along your blog
    Kind regards

  11. I'm a primary knitter and I've just picked up crochet. My mom has crocheted since her teens (that's 30+ years!). She tried to get me into crochet, but I just love knitting - until I discovered amigurumi. Now I'm HOOKED! I love both. While I'm not doing blankets just yet, I'm loving crocheting stuffed lovies :) As far as a go-to knitting project? Hats, hats, hats!

  12. I agree! I'm a knitter and a crocheter (I like to refer to myself as a hooker...) I like them both equally but for different things. I prefer to knit things like hats and mittens and whatever, but for toys, I prefer to crochet. Knitted toys can be a pain in the patukus, and they seem to take for.ever.