Meet "Sasha"

I made a little cotton puppy to go with my Cute Cotton Kitty, but wouldn't you know someone got to it before I could photograph, pattern, and properly primp it for the viewing public. And then she named it... there's just no taking a toy away from a little girl after it's been named.

Little Miss and "Sasha" watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse together
I guess this one has aldready gotten the kid stamp of approval. More photos coming soon... well, as soon as I have enough time to make another one!


  1. Oh yeah, it's hers. Such a cute picture, they are both adorable.

  2. Karla - I was just on Etsy and there are patterns of Angry Birds on there for sale! 49 to be exact. Some of them say - permission to sell, some don't. I guess I'm not understanding if they can do it, why you can't? I looked at some of them, I like yours better than theirs anyways, but still........

  3. What can I say . . . I love the doggie, but your little girl wins the draw for who is cuter. She is a darling and no way could anyone with a heart have taken the dog away from her! ~LOL~

    Love the dog tho, hope you posted where the pattern is from. I should have read your entire post before jumping to tell you how darling your little girl is~:o)

  4. Oh, please release the pattern for the dog. He is sooo cute. I've made almost all the angry birds and they are on my Rav page till someone yesterday asked if I was selling the patterns! I've sent her to you.

    Love your work. Zennitter

  5. @Zen & Stitch -- The doggie pattern should be droping later this week or early next (Gods and preschoolers willing). I have to make up another model (since this one is NOT coming back to me) and translate my pattern notes, but it should be ready real soon!

    @Joanne & Stitch -- Yes.. she is the cutest... and has cost me waaaayyyyy to many finished projects! LOL. But for her... anything :-)

    @Mr Lick -- It's only a matter of time, unfortunately. I discussed exactly that sort of inconsistency with the lawyer representing Angry Birds and he imformed me that there would be no exceptions :-(

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