Cute Cotton Kitty

I love the colors available in cotton yarn and have slowly built up quite a little hoard of it. Each skein begs me every time I go in the craft room to do something adorable with it, and I have finally found an answer... meet Kitty.

She's a lanky lass and just the friend for summertime fun all year round. Made from touchably soft cotton yarn, this playtime pal has the durability of the dish cloths your grandmother used to make with all the appeal of a purrfect handmade friend. Take your kitty for a splash in the pool -- she’s sure to dry out -- and when everyone has rested up from their adventures, you can bet your kitty will be the first one to the car for ice cream!

My Cute Cotton Kitty pattern is available on Ravelry for $3.00. Or, if you want the pattern hand-delivered to your email inbox, you can purchase it on Etsy for $5.00 (remember -- the price is different because Etsy charges me more per transaction and I have to do a bit of extra work to get the patterns delivered).

I have also been whipping up quite a few of these kitties for my own personal enjoyment (the pattern is actually that much fun to make) and should be offering them very soon in my Etsy shop. Keep your eyes on my Facebook page for updates!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!! Too cute!!!

  2. You are a bad, bad, bad lady! You just HAD to go and post all of those photos of the Cute Cotton Kitty . . .

    I wanted the pattern the moment I saw it this morning, but resisted. Then you went and posted the other photos and my resolve crumbled~

    I bought it, and will begin working on one as soon as it prints!

    Love the pattern and so will the kids who receive one of them!

  3. This kitty is adorable. Again, I love your designs. They are amazing.