Young Talent

I'm always excited to meet young people who want to take up knit or crochet and even more excited when these young people have a natural talent for designing their own amigurumi. That said, I'd like you to meet Brea, age 14.

Also known as MangaGirl56 on Etsy, Brea recently opened her own shop where she's selling some really cute creations. For example, check out this bat she recently blogged about:

Brea is new to the world of blogging and I'm hoping that you'll visit her and give her a little encouragement.

I hope all of you are having a great weekend!


  1. Going to check out her blog now.. Its great to see other young crafters! :)


  2. Katie -- somehow I guess I never realized that you are only 18! your blog has the look of a professional so I just assumed that you were older, LOL! High five, lady! You do some great work!

  3. OH.MY.GOSH. Thank you so much I didn't even realized until now you featured my stuff on your blog!! that is soooo kind! ^_^

    thank you!!
    Brea J.