Hook, hookin' away

It's less than a week until Christmas and I can't believe that I'm still working on a few Christmas special orders! Talk about cutting it short! In the past week, I have finished adorable little Buffy here...

and these three sweeties...

I've also sent out an angry cardinal, a fairy hideaway, a toad, a gumdrop mouse, another blue dust kitten... and I still have two cuff bracelets, a monkey, an owl, and another kitten to finish! Luckily, the people who I still owe were very understanding because Santa's sleigh (the good ol' USPS) just can't make it to their houses that fast.

On the bright side, I am having a lot of fun with all the orders. And hopefully, when the dust settles I'll be able to splurge a little of the earnings on some yummy new yarn. Don't worry, my friends. I promise to share pictures ;-)


  1. awww! those little fluffy dust kittens are adorable! :D

  2. Oh, those are cute. Have a Merry Christmas. I'm trying to get an afghan done in time for Christmas myself.

  3. And I can't wait to receive that angry cardinal! You are the best!

  4. Thanks for the kind words guys! I really love how the most recent kittens are turning out -- for some reason they're fluffier than some of my earlier ones -- I wonder if Red Heart changed their yarn somehow?