Custom Dust Kittens

One of my favorite custom orders is for dust kittens made to look like a person's pet. I love receiving the pictures of beloved felines and tracing out the unique color details on each feline friend. And I love trying to get the yarn colors just right to match that special pet's purr-sonality.

But for the same reasons that I find these orders so much fun, they can also be the most dangerous. What if I somehow overlook the one special detail that the owner loves most about her kitty? What if that eye color I selected just doesn't match his companion's eyes?

And then there are just some things that are a given when making a custom dust kitten. The most annoying one for me is that there just isn't any affordable yarn out there suitable for making orange tabby cats. A devoted orange tabby-lover myself, I have searched far and wide for the perfect yarn for my dear Sebastian and repeatedly come up empty handed.

Everything is either "too orange" or not orange enough.

So, for now, I make lots of gray, black, white and other colored dust kittens and secretly fear the day that I get a custom request for a perfectly orange tabby.

By the way -- if you are still looking for a cute stocking stuffer for someone special, dust kittens in a single color work up very quickly. You can get the pattern on Ravelry for only $2.00 US!


  1. Saludos desde España. Me encanta tu blog. Te dejo el mio:

  2. How much are you selling the kittens that you make for?

  3. son realmente chulisimos los gatos. Tu español es perfecto

  4. @Out on a limb -- I typically do kitten for $10 each; however, if I need to use a more expensive yarn to get the right color, that can affect the price.

  5. Oh gee thanks~ You just caused me to have to buy another Amigurumi pattern and get hooked (no pun intended) on making a new Ami! Because I am simply put, in love with your dust kittens.

    Wonderful little darlings! And I want to make a white one for our adult daughter that matches her most special cat that went missing a few years ago. She still mourns the cat and I think she will love having a dust kitten like her.

    Thanks, for real! Off to Ravelry for the pattern!

  6. Oh my gosh...these have to be the cutest things I've seen all day. You are too talented!

  7. I'm hearing ya about orange yarn..annoying isn't it.

    Malabrigo Yarn Chunky - cinnabar ...colorway is pretty good for orange kittys.
    Could be teamed with a fluffy yarn.

  8. I love the Fuji Dust Kitten you made for me! I am learning some arigurumi myself! I have been crocheting since I was nine (19 years! sheesh) and I never learned to read patterns. Everything I crochet is pretty much self taught. So now that I am trying to unlearn techniques its a little slow going for me. You are inspiration for me to keep at it!