A great visit, but not much time for anything else!

Taking lessons from mommy --
Kaia checks her email on her cell phone
while waiting for daddy to bring dinner
My out-of-town company has headed home and the week is gradually turning itself back into a "normal" week -- with a few exceptions. As soon as my company left, I came down with the flu - so now, in addition to digging out from the leftover work that got neglected last week, I'm digging out from the weekend too. When am I ever going to get time to blog again?!

We also got the great (and finally official) news that my daughter has been accepted into the city preschool. It's the result of several weeks of evaluations, running back and forth between Help Me Grow (state early intervention), private physical and occupational therapists, and the city school's LEAPS program. And I thought adoption required a lot of paperwork!

With our start date looming (her first day of preschool will be 2/23/11!), we have MUCH to prepare. The most significant is to completely change her schedule. Kaia is a VERY busy kid. If she's awake, she's moving. As a result, she naps like it's her job -- typically between 2:00 PM and 5 PM. Yeah, I know... lucky mom! After all how many three-year-olds nap for almost 3 hours?

Well, the only slot the new preschool has is in the afternoon. That means, Kaia starts to school at 12:40 and ends her day at 3:15. Not good. So, I expect that my typical time for crocheting, blogging, and generally being sane is going to decrease dramatically over the next two months while I try to reset my kid's clock.

I won't be going away completely, and believe me... 2/23 is already circled on my 2011 calendar. But you may be hearing a bit less from me over the next month or so, and for that, I do apologize.

I promise to be in touch as much as I can, but if you miss me for longer than my usual span, please try to be patient. And for those of you who are eagerly waiting for my next crochet-along, never fear... there will be one. It will just happen after 2/23.

All right... too much babble... too few pictures. That just means it's time to get my hook moving so that I have something exciting to show you next time I check in!

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