Long time, no blog-eee

Hi there! I wanted to let you know that I am still alive. This week has been a little too hectic for blogging -- but I have a got some good reasons to share.

First... I bought a couple of showcases on Etsy's front page. Etsy is highlighting stocking stuffers this week and I was lucky enough to get two spots! My first spot was on Monday (12/6) and I am STILL cleaning up and processing orders from all the attention it got.

Needles to say that quite a few little gumdrop mice are heading to new homes - along with several other furry creations of mine. I have another showcase to get ready for on 12/10, so please bear with me -- I have lots of items to photograph (and rephotograph) before I can get them listed.

Second... it's been our somewhat semi-annual visit from my best friend and her daughter. My best friend lives in Denver and I live in Cleveland, so I only get to see them once or twice a year. Our girls are about 3 months apart in age, so in short -- it has been a toddler-fest at my house.

And lastly, I have been trying to get those WIPs in order in time to give them as Christmas gifts. That includes special orders like this one:

So, be patient with me. I will be back on track soon. I hope that you week is just as busy and happy as mine is turning out to be!

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