Introducing Gumdrop Mice!

Ever wonder what happens to those gumdrops that sit in old ladies' candy dishes until they're really really stale? Well, they either turn into dental emergencies or they are whisked away by the tooth fairy and turned into gumdrop mice!

Gumdrop mice tend to be a little grumpy -- after all, good candy should never be allowed to go stale. But, they can make great companions and are actually rather cuddly little friends -- as long as you never eat gumdrops around them... that tends to freak them out a little.

As a special introduction for my gumdrop mice, I'm partnering with the Etsy Plush Team to offer these little sweeties for an introductory price of $6.00! Just hop on over to the Plush Team shop and check out the tiny Plush Tuesday specials!

But make sure you hurry because when these Tiny Plush Tuesday specials are gone -- they're gone!


  1. cute!!! The tooth fairy does a great job!

  2. looks like they need a tooth to go with them. so they won't get lonely!1 love them they are super cute

  3. You guys are so sweet! LOL... get it? Sweet?

    Sometimes I crack myself up!

    @Amy -- I'm gonna have to see if I can find a tooth pattern. That WOULD be funny!

  4. I love the way the circles on their tummies overlap it is like little paws - a subtle touch but it makes them look kid of anxious and eager

  5. Super Cute!! How do you glue/attach the felt for the face and tummy? If glue, what kind?

  6. Hoozieg -- the attachment is kind of a combination deal. A lot of the face is held on with the safety eyes, nose,and mouth embroidery. Then I dab at the top (between the eyes) and below each eye with glue.

    Experience has taught me that it's best to put your safety eyes and embroidery in before you bring any glue to the situation b/c the it's harder to get the washers on the back of the eyes when they're gluey and I really really do not like glue on my embroidery needle ;-)

    I use Ailene's Fast Grab for all my felt. true to it's label, it grabs very quickly and once it sets, it really holds up well.

  7. hmmm.... that last comment just made me think... maybe I'll do a little tutorial on gluing faces... gotta see if I can get my act together and get that on the to-do list!

  8. The mice are like little crochet haikus! Minimalistic, yet refined in form. With an unexpected twist.

    I love their expressions. They kind remind me of that look I get when my kid wants a sweet treat.

  9. Wow... "little crochet haikus" -- that makes them sound really really fancy! :-)