Dental Emergency

My readers are the best and you all have the most awesome comments! Yesterday, when I posted about my new gumdrop mice, Amy suggested that they need a tooth so they wouldn't get lonely.

I've had a lot of dental problems this year (5 cavities at my last visit plus I had to have my wisdom teeth out), so a tooth doesn't seem like the best companion to me. In fact, they seem a bit sinister and evil. So, last night, when I got a little free time and picked up my yarn and hook, this is what came out!

It looks like we now know why the gumdrop mice hold their paws together to tightly, Lucy Bad Dog. They're terribly afraid of Dental Emergencies!

You can pick up the dental emergency at my shop if you act quickly, plus there are a few gumdrop mice that turned up last night after I accidentally left some stale gumdrops on my work table in the craft room.

And thanks again for all your great comments! You all are the ones that make my blog a great place to visit!


  1. O my the tooth is cute!!...thanks for sharing,

  2. Oh what a tooth and a tooth with attitude at that. You are so creative. Thanks for sharing your creative abilities with us.

  3. he he - that tooth is awesome! he really looks evil.

  4. LOL, Rowan... teeth ARE evil!

    I'm glad you all enjoyed this little creation and thanks again for the inspiration. I had so much fun with it!

  5. haha maybe the tooth needed flossy hair?I am sorry to hear about the dental issues...I hate going to dentist.