One for the team

I'm lucky to belong to one of the best Etsy Street Teams out there -- The Etsy Plush Team. This crazy and inspiring group puts out some amazing plush creations on a daily basis. Don't believe me? Type plushteam into the Etsy search and be dazzled!

Along with helping out on the team's blog, I volunteered to help design a sewing kit based on the team's mascot, P.T. Stitchy (fyi - I did the graphic design on the pattern)

Well, at long last, I think it's coming to fruition. I finished my Stitchy doll today (following some fantastic instructions from Becky of ScrumptiousDelight) and I'm pretty happy with the results!

For a non-sewer who has a fear of sewing machines, I was still able to put Stitchy together in an afternoon. I expect the kit to be available to the general public soon through the Plush Team shop.

I definitely missed my hook and frogging is sooo much easier with yarn, so I won't be converting to the sewing side of things anytime soon! As for P.T., I know a special spot he can fill in a special little girl's Easter basket!

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