The Great Monkey Escapade

Last week, I did a little giveaway for my Facebook fans to celebrate the upcoming release of my new line of monkeys. Now, don't get upset here, blog buddies... I've got a fun giveaway planned for you coming up later this month... But, if you want to be on the up-an-up, hop on over to my Facebook page and sign up to be a fan there too!

The plan is to release four monkeys "into the wild" and see what kind of trouble they get into. Potential hosts had to apply and the lucky winners were selected yesterday! So, I've got monkeys packed up and ready to travel to:
  • Abbdid in Cincinnati, OH
  • Scooter in Cleveland, OH
  • Jessamyn in Detroit, MI
  • RaggyRat in Dorset, UK

The lucky hosts are going to shoot some pictures while they and their new pals "monkey around" and I'll be sharing their adventures via Facebook and my blog.

Speaking of the big release, I haven't been able to firm up a specific date when the monkeys will be available in my Etsy shop, but I will be sure to let everyone know as soon as possible!

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