Now what?

I was reading over on The Strumpet's Crumpets that with the Great Granny Swap over, the gals are looking to fire up a new swap. Becky was asking for ideas and something that came to my mind was to do a crochet-along with a swap at the end.

What's a crochet-along?  ...well, everyone works on the same pattern, posting pics and experiences as they go. It's a great support group for trying something new -- you can ask any of the other participants if you get stuck, plus... everyone has the work-in-process photos.

The real fun in the whole experience though is to see how others make the pattern their own. For example, Tammy Snow (Roxycraft) did a really cute crochet-along with her panda pattern. I just love this one:

greenpanda3, originally uploaded by Belllz.

Seriously though, you can't appreciate the variety until you've browsed through of the variations in the Flikr group.

So, back to my train of thought... I got to thinking that maybe I would like to host a crochet-along with swap. I have plenty of my own amigurumi patterns and it would be total fun to see what others come up with.  But here's the rub... I'm afraid of total rejection and since I don't have nearly the size following that The Strumpet has, I'm afraid that I'd get like three people (including me and my mom) participating.

Long story short, I'm putting it to my readers to see if there's any interest. If you are interested, what experience level crocheter do you think we should focus on? And most importantly, which pattern?

Here are the latest from my pattern shop -- it wouldn't necessarily have to be one of the free patterns either. If there was enough interest, I could be persuaded to issue some free copies of a pattern to the participants :-)


  1. Ooh, ooh, the owl! I would absolutely be up for a CAL with the owl :D Just imagine all the different color combinations you could get with that pattern :)

  2. *gasp* Of course people would be interested-- don't sell yourself short!

    I think it might be fun to try the dust kitten. I have always wanted to try brushed amigurumi... however, I am in love with the doves you made for the Olympics as well.
    Oh! Maybe we could each make a tree house and a mystery item to live in it?
    Just some thoughts.

    I'm excited and would love to join. I wouldn't be against purchasing a pattern to participate, either.

  3. Oh! That must be great fun and I would like to participate! Even if I do not join, just watching the outcome would still be wonderful. I like both the dove and the owl.

  4. I'm game. I've never done a crochet along or a swap, but since I enjoy your blog and your patterns so much, seems like a good place for me to start! I wouldn't mind purchasing a pattern, as I've been looking at both your owl and dove patterns. The more I type, the more excited I get! :)

  5. Hmmm.... seems like the favorites here are the owls and the doves...... I'm going to talk to a few other peeps and see what we can do with this :-)

  6. Hi, I would love to join in! I have never done a swap or crochet along but love to crochet and love your patterns (especially the fairy tree and the doves!) Amazing! I made Moko the cat today to give to my sister for her birthday and he is so so cute I am going to have to make another for my son. I will post a link to a photo of my Moko as soon as I have given him to my sister. Heather x

  7. Hi I would also love to participate. I recently found your Blog via Schmancy, I have never done a crochet along but am happy try any level of trickiness in the pattern.

  8. I would love to join this crochet-a-long & swap!!