Deadly Ninja Throwing Tuna

I really am addicted to this Threadknits challenge... I love browsing through the amazing artwork on Threadless and unfortunately (according to my husband), I've even become the owner of some awesome new T-shirts. Lucky for me, the entry deadline for the Threadknits challenge is March 1 and I don't think there will be time to come up with yet another entry. But today, I did manage to get one more entry in...


I give you my deadly ninja throwing tuna and target set, inspired by Mr. Scruff's Ninja Tuna design. The details on the throwing tuna are in my Threadknits entry, but I'll give you the highlights here...

There are five tuna - each with a different embroidered expression (the smile tuna is my hubby's favorite). The tuna are stuffed with poly pellets to give them a little heft.

The idea to make the tuna into a game came from watching a few too many hours of Olympic curling. I'm almost sad to admit it, but after all the curling I've watched, I still have no idea how they score a point. I know it has SOMETHING to do with the target.... but bwah?

I'm planning to break the set out this weekend for my daughter's second birthday party. What do you think? Instant hit? Well, at least I'm pretty sure someone is going to get hit! Ninja Tuna! Fore!!!


  1. I have been obsessing over the Olympics too-- and I think I have the points worked out.
    The team with a rock closest to the target will get points in the end (end = round). They will get 1 point for the rock closest to or on the center and every additional rock they have closest until a rock from the other team is closer. Does that make sense?

    Also-- Ninja tuna *too cute*!

  2. Glad you're having fun with the contest! Any designs on trying your hand at threadcakes when it rolls around this summer?

  3. Heh heh... too funny, Chris. My baking is tasty but mostly utilitarian and definitely not pretty :-) If you have a contest for cake decorating "fails," let me know ;-)

    Shanny, thanks for the explanation. Seriously -- they should publish a quick reference guide to scoring or something!