Meet Maura

One of the occupational hazards of working with dolls is that you are bound to fall in love with some of them and spend a good chunk of your earnings collecting more dolls than you sell. Such is the case with Maura.


I've been drooling over one of those deliciously sweet Pullip dolls for some time now and finally gave in to temptation earlier this week. After much waffling, I took the plunge and ordered Maura from Pullip Style on Wednesday afternoon. For an extra couple $$, I upgraded to 2-day shipping and was shocked to find the package waiting for me on the front porch this morning.

The actual doll model is Celsiy, but I knew I had to change the name -- I'm not even sure how to pronounce "Celsiy." I had some other names picked out, but when she came out of the box all I could think of was Maura -- I guess it's just fate.

I've been showing Maura around and introducing her to the other critters in my craft room -- I think she's really taken a shining to the dust kittens. Now that the little fellas have Maura to keep an eye on them, maybe they won't be trashing my yarn stash so often!

Although, I have a feeling that Maura is going to go soft on them. We'll see!

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