"Pattern Forthcoming"

I've been spending every free minute on the pattern for my latest creation and I'm excited to announce that I put the finishing touches on the document yesterday! This particular pattern has some more complex assembly instructions, so I've decided to test with a few folks it before releasing it to the general public.One tester whom I'm very excited to have on board is the very talented Talitha Kuomi. Talitha is a self-taught knitter and crocheter and she designs her own knit patterns with some of the most yummy yarn colors I have ever seen. She's also a dedicated mom to three and a free spirit, as can be seen in her designs.

The project we've all been waiting for is another version of my amigurumi carrier. This time, I decided to go with a more natural looking design and decorated the carrier to look like a log with vines and leaves growing on the outside.

I will certainly keep everyone posted when the pattern becomes available and I'm sure to have a couple carriers for sale in my Etsy shop sometime soon (well, as soon as I catch up on the custom orders I've been neglecting, that is).

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