Etsy PlushTeam Russian Christmas

One of the Etsy Teams that I'm proud to be a member of is the super-talented Etsy Plush Team. The folks on this team specialize in all sorts of wonderful plush goodness, from knit and crochet wonders to fabric, felt and up-cycled sweaters.

This year, the team ran a Russian Christmas plush swap, where each of us was given the name of another Plush Team member to surprise with a little of our own work (BTW - the team chose Russian Christmas -- 1/7 because it falls after the holiday rush). My partner was Jess, the sparkling genius behind SamariaProject and my gift was a beautiful felt Russian nesting doll.

I say "sparkling" because all of Jess's work has a magical little sparkle to it -- just like Christmas morning. Whether it's from the lovingly hand-stitched eyes of her cuddly animals or the cheerful colors of her mini owls, there's just a little something extra that draws me to her work.

My swap gift also included a pair of buttons -- one of which features her ADORABLE little bird design. These things are literally so sweet that I'm going to have to make a dentist appointment to check for cavities!

If you don't have your own buttons from Jess's collection, you can treat yourself to a three-pack in her shop or pick out one of her beautifully painted little "rockies." For my part, I know I'll be visiting her soon!

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