Plush Team for Haitian Relief

In an effort the help raise money for the victims of the Earthquake in Haiti, many Plush Team members are donating plush sales at the Plush Team store on Etsy. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the American Red Cross.

To help out, I've donated my three Tiny Turtles. The little guys have been outfitted with a lobster clasp so that they can be hung on a zipper or key ring, or used as a pendant. They also feature 3 glass beads, symbolizing the 1 in 3 Haitian people affected by the earthquake.

If the turtles aren't your thing, the Plush Team has listed some other great stuff as well. There are a couple of AbbyDid's nailbiters and adorable baby owls from Needlings, not to mention new items being added every day!


  1. Is that a key holder?lovely...i love the touch of crochet which makes the small little object in life magical.


  2. Blanket America -- the hook is a little small for keys, but you could attach it to a key ring. Thanks for the kind comments!