Dust kitten pattern makes a splash on Ravelry

I finished up my first dust kittens back in June and have been meaning to get the pattern written down ever since. Well, this past weekend, my husband took over a chunk of the baby duties so that I could have time to write and Viola! The dust kitten pattern is finally available on Ravelry!

I made a special fuzzy kitten for the pattern photos (I am officially addicted to brushed crochet) and included instructions in the pattern on how to get the brushed look or make a smooth (un-brushed) dust kitten.

The pattern has only been online for less than a day and I've already sold three copies. And, I couldn't be more delighted with the way the sales are going. Comments from the purchasers lead me to believe that folks want to make the dust kittens for friends who have recently lost furry friends and who need a little cheering up.

Another buyer thought that some dust kittens would be the purr-fect playmates for her new kitten. Now, I'm temped to make a few for my own furry friends... of course, the baby will probably get them first!

The pattern is available as a PDF download for only $1.00.

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