Make a cute cupcake!

I've gone over a lot of basics in my amigurumi workshop series, and I'm beginning to think it's time to take the plunge and begin a project. I stewed on a subject and finally decided on the classic anthropomorphic cupcake. It works up in two simple pieces (cake + icing) and it's really versatile.

... Have a friend who likes chocolate cake? Use dark brown yarn for the cake portion!

... Want to make a holiday decoration? Use the holiday's colors for the icing and add some little embelishments to give a feeling for the season!

... Prefer not to have your food looking at you? Leave off the eyes and mouth!

When I post the next workshop series, I'll be going step-by-step through instructions to make the cake portion... then, the icing... then, the assembly. But, if you just cant wait to get started, you can purchase a copy of the pattern for only $2.00 at my Etsy shop!

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