Artist Showcase: Bubbletime

While the precise definition of amigurumi includes only knit and crochet dolls, Bubbletime's creations are too cute to miss. I first saw her work on the Etsy front page (one of her skyballs was featured), but really fell in love with her koi design.

** As a side note, I have a weak spot for anything with a koi design, but only the really special ones make it to my Etsy favorites!

Bubbletime (her real name is Jenny) describes her shop saying that "in my shop you will find an array of items ranging from cute, to whimsical, to weird, to pretty and funny." In addition to her plush offereings, Bubbletime offers really cute polymer clay figurines, like this little guy.

I guess that the moral of this post is "just because it isn't officially amigurumi, doesn't mean it can't be really inspiring." In fact, my mind is already buzzing with ideas to create my own koi pattern!

In the mean time, I hope you will stop in to Bubbletime's shop and check out some of her other creations!


  1. Didn't you used to make little clay creations? I seem to remember you once making me a little wizard. And possibly a dragon.

  2. You're right, Z. I did make clay creations! that's why I appreciate what bubbletime has made so much... the little sculptures are so creative!