I've always wanted to say it... haven't you?

But before you can unleash the fury of a mythic sea creature upon the heedless masses, did you know you have to properly raise and care for your own baby kraken? Yeah. Me neither. But they are kind of cute as babies...

But where on Earth are you supposed to get a baby kraken? Now that is something I can help you with.

My newest pattern has everything you need to know to hook your own epic sea monster. You can use just about any kind of worsted weight yarn, but I've really loved working with Bernat Mosaic for this project. The subtle tone changes look really neat as you work through the tentacles -- and if you time your transitions just right, you can really make the eyes pop with a contrasting color.

The baby kraken pattern is available through all the usual outlets (Ravelry, Craftsy, and Etsy) and is suitable for advanced beginners. And you baby kraken will make a great pet -- no mess (at least until they grow big and are able to wreck havoc and help you on your mission for world domination).

I know a few folks who will be getting a baby kraken on Christmas morning... after all, releasing the kraken is the gift that keeps on giving!

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