Finally, A Little GOOD News: I'm Published!

I've been waiting to share the good news until I saw it with my own eyes and after last Friday night, I can finally tell you. I had my first pattern PUBLISHED!

I know electronic delivery is the way of the future and all, but there is just something about seeing your work in a printed book. And so it was that I joined in with Kristen Rask's latest collection, Teeny Tiny Animal Crochet.

Teeny Tiny Animal Crochet is actually the third kit to be offered by Kristen Rask and Barnes & Noble. Rask's other kits include Yummy Crochet and an earlier animal crochet collection that is now out of print.

I'm really excited to be joining some other great amigurumi designers in this collection, including the creator of Moon Buns and Yummy Pancake. And the kit itself, is really nice quality -- complete with hook, yarn, and even the eyes you need to create two creatures. In addition to the two you can create right away, there are instructions for another 10 adorable amigurumi animals.

I'm thinking they'll make great Christmas gifts for a few of my crochet friends... maybe, if they're nice to me, I'll even autograph them!

And hopefully, next time you're at Barnes & Noble, you'll get a chance check the kit out and maybe give it a try yourself. I'd love to hear what you think!

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