Meet Mouse

If you follow me on Facebook, you're probably already familiar with the little dickens who has been giving me so much trouble lately. If not, let me introduce you...

This, my friends, is Mouse.

Mouse started out harmless enough, but no sooner were his arms attached than Mouse decided to teach me a thing or two. You see, Mouse is a knitter.

Mouse complained. He whined. He told me that winter in Cleveland was "just too much for him." So, I gave him a pair of needles and let him pick from my yarn stash.

Wouldn't you know it, that little bugger knitted himself a sweater?

But it wasn't enough to show me a thing or two with the pointy sticks. Mouse, it seems, has an ego that is waaaay bigger than his little sweater. And Mouse? He threw down the gauntlet. He told me that there was no way I could crochet a sweater better than his knitted sweater.

Looking back, I'm a fool for going along with it. In Mouse's mind, there was no way I would ever win. In fact, the little stinker refused to even model the sweater I made him. I had to make a second Mouse!

But Mouse (and his more-than-mouse-sized attitude) is here to stay. And, if I've learned anything about my recent adventures with Mouse, we'll definitely be hearing more from him.

Want to get started on a little knitting adviser of your very own? I got your hook-up. You can view pattern details on Mouse and (both sweater options) here, not to mention download your copy via Ravelry pattern download for just $4.00 (no Ravelry account needed).

As always, if you prefer to go through Ravelry directly, you can do that here. Mouse will also be available in my Etsy shop for a little extra if you prefer to have the pattern personally emailed to you.

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