New & Improved Dust Kitten Pattern

I've needed to revamp some of my older patterns for a long time now and since I've been working on a big batch of Dust Kittens for The Nest, I figured there was no harm in snapping the pictures I needed for a new Dust Kitten pattern.

So what does the new pattern have that the old version did not? Well, for one, lots of new photos that are much clearer and easier to see.

The new pattern is (hopefully) a lot easier on your printr too. I'm trying out a new two-column format that should save some space and result in a shorter print. All of the detailed instructions you've come to know and love are still there, but we'll be killing just a couple a less trees in the process!

For those of you who purchased the pattern via Ravelry, you should be able to download the new pattern free of cost via your pattern library. If you're an Etsy customer, just attach your copy of the pattern to an email (or send me a link to your Etsy receipt) and I'll be hapy to send you off a new copy. My email address (in case you lost it) is ibscrochet@gmail.com

And if you don't own a copy of this pattern already, now is a great time to start whipping up some Dust Kittens of your very own (they make great stocking stuffers!). You can purchase online using the Buy Now button below or visit my Etsy shop.

 Dust kitten pattern $3.00 USD

As usual, please note that the prices in my Etsy shop are slightly higher to cover my costs of selling in that venue. Ravelry charges me less to sell patterns, so I  pass my savings on to you!


  1. OH my gosh, my little guy is a sucker for ANYTHING with wide eyes.

    Wait till he gets up and I show him this.

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