Cute Cotton Kitty

One of the best things about designing patterns is getting to see how people make them their own and enjoy them. Because the Cute Cotton Kitty pattern is so versitile, I've already gotten quite a few photos and stories of how folks are having fun with this design -- but none of them have melted my heart the way this one, from Irene did. Here's the note I received from Irene the other day in the email:

Hi Karla,

I know you're busy hooking away with the new project, but I wanted to share with you my latest creation (thanks to you).

So a bit of a back story first... Attached is a picture of our real Kitty. I had her for 14 years and she passed away in March.  

Finally, after several months, we decided to adopt a new kitty and ended up with 2 new kitties (brother and sis). Shortly thereafter, we discovered that our youngest son (age 3) has a level 5 allergy to cats, where 1 is mild and 5 is horrendous. Go figure. Not sure why, but he never reacted to Kitty.

I decided to make them an "allergy free" kitty and based it on the colors of the original Kitty. Attached is a picture of Kitty Jr. The boys love her!

Thank you, Irene, for sharing your kitty pictures and you story. And by the way, Kitty Jr. is cute, but that handsome young fellow with her really steals the show!

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