Pattern Pricing Changes

I received news today from Ravelry.com (my online pattern host) that some changes are being made to the way patterns profits are divided amongst pattern designers and retailers. Essentially, I've been told that since many of my patterns are less than $2.50, I will now be giving more than half of my profit to any retailer who wishes to offer my patterns through the Raverly Local Yarn Store (LYS) partnership program. I'll show you how that breaks down for me with my current prices:
  • Pattern Price: $2.00
  • PayPal Fees: $.38
  • LYS Fee: $1.00
  • My net profit: $.62
I count on the profits from my patterns to offset my daughter's therapies (she's in speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and will start behavioral therapy next week). And unfortunately, I just can't stand to lose that much.

As a result, I've decided to increase the minimum price for many of my Ravelry patterns to $3.00. This includes all of the Angry Birds patterns and some other popular designs, including my doves and owls.

I've fought hard to keep my pattern prices reasonable and am still offering my savings from Ravelry back to my customers (for example, you'll notice higher prices on my patterns listed on Etsy due to the additional costs of doing business in that venue).

I hope you can understand my rationale for the price change and I look forward to continuing to delight you with fun, new amigurumi designs!


  1. Wow that LYS fee is huge! I don't sell anything online so seeing the break down was interesting and good food-for-thought if I ever get around to doing some selling. It's really wonderful that you really try to keep your prices down, I'm sure there are a lot of people realize that and truly appreciate it.

  2. Complete craziness. I previously liked Ravelry's pricing scheme as it was a lot nicer than Etsy for small sales... Grrrr. Anyway, I think your prices are stil quite reasonable.

  3. is this for all ravelry pattern sellers? I've not seen anything on this? I'll have to check this out.

  4. @Elisabeth - I think the LYS program is something you have to opt into. I was contacted by one of the beta LYS's to see if they could feature my Angry Birds patterns -- that is how I got involved. There is more about it in the Ravelry wiki ==> http://www.ravelry.com/wiki/pages/InStoreSales

    @Lis and ripples -- thank you for your support on this. It means SO MUCH to me!

    Raising my prices was a REALLY difficult decision for me. I actually have lost sleep over it!

    Unfortunately, I'm losing more sleep right now over my little one's therapy bills (I knew kids were expensive, but seriously!!!)

  5. I think your prices are very reasonable - don't worry about raising them. They always say on Etsy that if someone wants what you sell, they'll pay for it and if your prices are too low you'll lose sales. I don't know how true that is - but it sounds good!

  6. Absolutely reasonable, no worries!

  7. $3 is perfectly reasonable for your patterns. Compared to other patterns I've purchased for the same price, they're much better organized and easier to understand.

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  9. I can understand what you are going through as i have an autistic kid too. He saw your angry birds patterns a few days ago and requested that i make them all for him. I promised him, but today, they are not available for purchase. I'd love to buy all the angry birds and pigs patterns. I can paypal the money to you directly. May i know how i can do so.