Mail Bag: The Adventures of Lucky the Dust Kitten

I always love getting emails and pictures from the new owners of my creations and was (of course) excited to get a great update about "Lucky" the dust kitten last night. Lucky's new owner, Celinda, has a real white cat named Lucky... so little Lucky seemed very welcome right away!

The best part about this kitty family is that Celinda has a fantastic sense of humor. She sent me nearly a dozen pictures of little Lucky, getting into all sorts of mischief...

For example, I found out that the little guy apparently has a bit of a sweet tooth. After polishing off some of Celinda's chocolate and a cupcake, Lucky had a tummy ache. Luckily, Celinda was on hand to give him a Tums!

With his tummy on the mend, Lucky decided to strike out into the world of high fashion. Can you believe the little devil got Celinda's favorite sparkly earrings in all by himself? But, they DO match his eyes!

Ready to travel home after his latest adventures, Lucky takes a place of honor in Celinda's carry on bag.

Thanks so much to Celinda for sharing her adventures with Lucky! It always gives me a warm and fuzzy when I find out that one of my creations has gone to such a great home!