I just couldn't leave well enough alone...

I loved working on the Angry Birds pig pattern. I loved working on it so much that I had to jump in and do my favorite of all the angry birds... the goldfinch (yellow bird).

Lucky for me, that order of safety eyes that I needed to complete a few special orders of gumdrop mice arrived after I started working on the angry goldfinch -- so there was really no guilt on my part.

The goldfinch has probably been one of the hardest designs I've worked on in a while. Usually, I just have a feeling about the proportions and things come out right. The goldfinch that you're looking at in the pictures here is my third attempt.

I just could NOT get the distance between the beak and the top of the head right on the first two trials. Needless to say, my daughter has a couple more crocheted toys. I found this one in her play house this morning...

I love the fact that the bird is sitting on her stove, next to an open, empty egg carton (don't worry -- I gave her the egg carton to play with after the eggs were removed). It makes me think that my daughter share more of a kinship with the green pigs than with the angry birds!


  1. I just bought both of the patterns, they will go well with the cardinal i made with your free one. I think you should make the 3 blue ones now :)

  2. they are awesome Karla! their facial expressions are just like they are on the game - amazing!

  3. @O - It's like your channeling me or something ;-)

    @out of the frame - coming from a fellow amigurumi designer with talent like yours, that is truly a compliment! Thank you!

  4. I love your angry bird amis so much! I have yet to make the cardinal. Are you selling finished birds (and pigs)? Are other people allowed to sell finished birds with a link to your website?

  5. I have been contacted about selling the finished ami's, but haven't really had time to take any custom orders right now -- I'm working on my next pattern (hopefully to be released soon!)

    As always, I encourage folks to sell finished versions of my patterns as long as they follow my two simple rules:

    1. Give me credit for the pattern (it can be as simple as a link back to my Etsy shop)
    2. Do not re-sell the patterns.

    As long as you follow those rules, I wish you all the best in your sales!

  6. Hi. Are any of your Angry Birds patterns still available? I looked in your store but did not see them. My family is nuts over this game and my boys would love these. Thanks!