The Happy Hooker's Holiday Wish List

So I thought it might be time for another edition of The Happy Hooker's Holiday Wish List - especially since I've been MIA for about a week now. Here's what I've got for today.... STITCH MARKERS!

Anyone who has been through my patterns knows that I live or die by my stitch markers. In fact, you may have even seen a special, custom-made stitch marker show up here and there:

Custom "Embrace" stitch marker by SpindleCat Studio

I adore my stitch markers from SpindleCat Studio and really recommend her work. They're easy to use. They don't snag. And best of all, they're made of copper -- so they bend a little, making them easy to get in and out of your work.

On the down side, Kate (of SpindleCat) usually doesn't keep the removable stitch markers you need for crocheting in her shop. She's very convo friendly, but keep in mind that if you're ordering for a hooker, it's probably going to be a custom order!

I recently found another seller who does keep removable stitch markers in her shop and I'm intrigued by the design.

Melody Removable Stitch Markers by TwiceShearedSheep

I haven't personally tried the Melody Removable Stitch Markers by TwiceShearedSheep, but they are beautiful and look like they'd be great for amigurumi.

Of course, gem stone stitch markers are a bit of an extravagance (that's what makes them such a great gift!). But that gets me to wondering -- what do the rest of you use to keep track of rounds? Give me a shout in the comments and share your favorite stitch marker (or stitch marker maker!)


  1. LOL Cheap little plastic stitch markers is what I use. Sometimes I'll tie a piece of different colored yarn in, if it's a big project, and the marker is going to be there for a while....

  2. I used to use a piece of yarn that I would wrap around the post of my first stitch (I mostly make hats). Then I saw some great stitch markers in an article, which suggested going to the Etsy stores. Since I'm on a very restricted budget, I couldn't begin to afford those, even though they were worth every penny. So I googled how to make my own. For just pennies, I now make my own, using tiny lobster clasps, and eye pins and beads. I have found that the cheap small lobster clasps tend to stop clasping after a short time, so I have to be pretty careful that they don't "fall" off my stitch. Otherwise, they're GREAT!!! They look pretty and they are really versatile. I can hook them around the post or at the top under the stitch. My next set, I'm going to try a different clasp system.

  3. I use those plastic safety pin stitch markers. They latch and can't fall off or get pulled out or get stuck.

  4. hi i'm a cheapskate so all i use is a piece of contrasting yarn which i strand from row to row, but i love these beaded markers that you have shown

  5. @CMC & Hoozieg -- I did use plastic stitch markers for the longest time but found that I kept breaking them. Have either of you had this problem?

    @Shellie -- I'd love to see a pic of your lobster clasp stitch markers! Email me at ibscrochet [at] gmail [dot] com and I'll post the pic to share with everyone else!

    @Joan -- I never got the knack for using another piece of yarn (LOL). Somehow it always ends up crocheted into my work! Cheapskate maybe, but a much more talented one than I!

  6. Occasionally I have been known to use a scrap of yarn as a stitch marker but usually I just count in my head! I find it quite theraputic - am I weird?

  7. I'm a part of the cheapskate bunch... contrasting strands of yarn are what I use...I too thread them across my work... but I love the ones you've shown in your blog post... they're so pretty :)


  8. Yup, I'm a contrasting piece of yarn girl too! Cheapskates Unite!