Where have all the good yarns gone?

Is it me, or dies it seem like the good Red Heart Yarns are becoming harder and harder to find? Granted, I still love and use quite a bit of the classic Red Heart yarn -- but I dare you to find a store now-a-days that sells Red Heart Designer Sport right off the shelf.

If you're familiar with my patterns or my finished work, you'll know that I user Designer Sport A LOT. I chose it because it has a great color palette and it was one of the few sport weight yarns available in craft stores. But, sometime during the summer, even the craft stores with the biggest yarn selections had a clearance on Designer Sport and I haven't seen a single skein since.

Now I'm finding the same problem with Red Heart Soft. I've been to Jo-Ann's, Pat Catan's, and I'm even going to try to hit the loathsome Michael's today.

At least with Red Heart Soft, I can substitute Caron Simply Soft, but after checking for a comparable color (I need a bright red), none of the stores can help me. I mean come on, people! Christmas is right around the corner and you don't carry bright red yarn?! What gives?!

I'm beginning to resign myself to ordering online. I started a cart at Herschners, but get this... two skeins of Red Heart Soft, plus tax, plus shipping = $13.48  -- For those of you who are a little slow on the math side (like me), that's $6.50 for one ball of Red Heart Soft!

I'm not sure what' I'm going to do here. I don't want to sacrifice the quality of my finished work and I don't want to raise prices. But if my yarn cost continues to increase like this, I'm going to have to give somewhere.

What are the rest of you doing? Has anyone found a good craft store or brand that offers a good quality, diverse palette, and different weights of yarn for a reasonable price? I'd love to hear your ideas!


  1. I've seen red heart soft at michaels in my town... but not a very large selection.
    I tend to go to Hobby Lobby or Joannes for my yarn... I love this yarn, the brand they sell at hobby lobby, has a good selection of colors.
    And i am completely in love with vanna white's yarn from lion brand... it's nice and soft, and there is a pretty good range of colors...
    sorry i couldn't be of more help. :(

  2. I have actually seen a really good selection of Caron Simply soft at Walmart. I do agree I love sport weight yarn and it is getting harder and harder to come by. I am seeing more bulky, nobby, homespun type yarns. Maybe it is a winter thing.

  3. I use Vanna's Choice for all my amigurumi. But it only comes in one weight. Lots of great colors!

  4. Check these out;




  5. I know you prefer synthetic but for really good wool try here:


    Note sure what the postage is like to the US but they are excellent value if it works out ok.

    A lot of my stuff is made with yards from these guys.

  6. Some great feedback on this post, everyone!

    @Lucy -- Looks like some really yummy yarns! Unfortunately, shipping to the US is like $9.00! I do have a place that does lovely natural fibers in the US -- called KnitPicks -- may have to think about using more of their stuff!

    @Stitch -- That first link could be a real winner for me. Thanks!

    @Judy -- Vanna's is pretty nice, but unfortunately no lighter weights. I love the palette though and have used it on my carriers and dragons ^-^

    @Joanne -- I agree on the thick, nobby yarns. I wonder if this is because more people want projects that work up very quickly too?

    @Tee -- I heard that we are FINALLY getting a Hobby Lobby in Northeast Ohio. The only problem is that it will be more than 1 hour away :-( Sounds like I might need to make a field trip!