Pumpkin Patch CAL Bonus - Flowers and Leaves

By Anita of ASE Knits n' Crochets
I've gotten a couple requests for embellishments like the ones Anita used to make her two beautiful pumpkins. Lucky for all of us, Anita is generous with her sources -- so I'm able to present you with some bonus patterns!

I also did a little searching around on the web myself to see what kind of organic embelishments I could turn up. So, let's have a look -- shall we?

Mimi's Crochet Flowers
The flowers Anita used are from Mimi's Crochet & Other Stuff. Mimi is a fellow Raveler (and the most recent addition to my Ravelry friends list). You can find her flower pattern there along with some other adorable designs!

I also discovered this free flower fridgie tutorial on the Salihan Crafts blog. Salihan uses her flowers to decorate her giant amigurumi fruits (strawberries, pears, and apples) and shows you how to attach a pin back or magnet!

Easy Peasy Crochet Flowers
Another design I really liked was Hennypenny's Easy Peasy crochet flowers. I can imagine having a lot of fun with choosing some cool vintage buttons to really make these flowers pop!

Last but not least, Lucy of Attic24 has a really neat layered flower design that would look gorgeous on a pumpkin vine.

Craft Stylish Leaves
Anita's leaves came from a Craft Stylish tutorial. I absolutely love the variegated one -- don't you?

Lion Brand also has a gorgeous felted leaf coaster pattern. The finished leaves might be too big to attach to the pumpkins, but they could make a very cool "nest" to display your pumpkin. Either way, when I get time, I need to try this pattern!

Rhonda Rowley has two really nice leaf patterns. Her elm and birch leaf appliques are simple-looking enough to not take away from the pumpkin and would look beautiful in some fall colors.

I hope you enjoyed this little "bonus" post and thanks again to Anita for sharing her sources. I'll see you later in the week with stem instructions!


  1. I'm so flattered that everyone enjoyed what I did with my pumpkins!

    When I was searching for flowers I found a wealth of beautiful patterns. It was a lot harder to come up with nice leaf patterns. I'm so thrilled to have found the leaves so generously shared on Craft Stylish!

    Anita ♥

  2. Thank you for sharing these patterns! Your pumpkins are awesome!

  3. Hey I just noticed our favorite pumpkin pattern has made it on the new and popular patterns list on Ravelry. ;)

  4. @RC Thanks for letting me know about Ravelry! It's such great news for me that I decided to have a giveaway. Check out today's (10/6/10) post!