Networked Blogs on Facebook

I'm always interested in tinkering with new geeky things and I recently discovered this Facebook application called Newtworked Blogs. The idea is that it will import my blog content to Facebook along with any other blogs I choose to follow. A lot of times, Facebook is easier to get on my phone than Blogger and I do like to catch up on my blog stores while I wait in line, etc. So I figured it's worth a try.

I'm throwing it out there because I don't know if any of you already do the same thing and would prefer to follow The Itsy Bitsy Spider that way. If you do prefer the Networked Blogs route, I'd love to hear how it works for you. And before I forget, here's the link to my blog page on Facebook!

If you'd rather not mess with the Networked Blogs thing, you can still get all your Itsy Bitsy Spidery goodness right here. No changes needed.


  1. I will follow you here.
    I do also use networked blogs on FB. I keep a tab on my fanpage and I have the blog post show up on my wall. I know for myself that when I see other people's blog posts show up I look at them even if I don't always choose to follow. There may be fans you have that don't use blogger. To me it is just a good way to keep the fan page current.

  2. Thanks for the tip! I just added my blog to Facebook!

  3. i used this feature for nearly 2 years, and really liked it. then FB suddenly stopped importing my blog to my wall. after several attempts, i was informed via email, that there is a limit to the # of imports for individual feeds.