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With the Great Owl Crochet-Along wrapped up, I'm feeling the need to start planning on a new one. I gotta say, I had SO MUCH FUN with the owls, that I'm seriously addicted to this whole CAL idea. But what to do... what to do...?

I'm thinking that I would like to do a Halloween CAL. Halloween is my favorite holiday, after all. I mean, Christmas is great and Easter is nice too, but when else do you get a blank check for scaring friends and eating more candy than anyone in their right mind should be allowed to eat. Now, that's my kind of holiday!

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I've been scheming on what topic I could use for a Halloween CAL when one of them pleasantly plopped itself in my lap... it's kind of a fun story!

My brother (see Lucky) is afraid of the internet (or something like that). He doesn't want to be found online and has staunchly resisted any form of social networking. But about a month ago, he was telling me about his three pumpkin plants (A, 2, and C) and I suggested he start a blog. I almost fell off my chair when he said "Sure. Show me how." So, we started "The Pumpkin Patch."

My brother's gardening technique is, well... let's just say "different." He seems to genuinely care about the pumpkins and has provided them with those things a plant needs in order to grow -- along with some things I'm not so sure they really need at all. But who knows... it works for him, right?

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Back to the CAL idea... I'm thinking that the topic should be pumpkins. I'll create a pumpkin pattern and (like the Great Owl CAL), hand it out to all the participants. I'll provide lessons to get you through the basic pumpkin-making, but then it's up to YOU to decorate them. At the end, we'll have a little pumpkin "fashion show," and the best in show will take home a prize.

So, whadda you say? Are you in?

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  1. yes yes yes Im in =D Sounds great =D

  2. Yay! Never decorated a pumpkin before (or even seen one!), so this could get exciting :)

  3. Sounds like fun. Can't wait. :)

  4. that sounds like an awesome idea! the owl cal was great and i really enjoyed it. can't wait for the next one!!

  5. I had so much fun with the owls-- count me in!

  6. I missed out on the owls. I found your blog as you were wrapping that one up. I think I am up for this one though! What fun!

  7. Ok... it sounds like the interest is there! Now, for some pattern design!

  8. I am 100% in!!! Whooo I can't wait-- I enjoyed the owl CAL so much and can't wait to start a pumpkin!! Count me in!

  9. oh I would love to do this...