Hind's Little Owl Story

I woke up to a wonderful gift today and had to share it with all of you. One of the participants in the Great Owl Crochet-Along -- Hind, from Egypt -- wrote a sweet little story about her owls for me to share with my daughter. Here is Hind's story:

Owl family went to a photographer for a family portrait. He offered them three little rugs to stand upon for the photo. Purple father owl and yellow mother were most thankful, but their little gray daughter said that she wanted something different than her nest-like rug. The parents offered to swap their rugs with her, and the photographer offered her an oval rug, which is made exactly like her belly patch, but still she was not satisfied.

Looking around, she saw a pair of Itsy Bitsy Spider cupcakes,and said immediately, "I want to stand on the that cupcake with the strawberry icing." 

"This is a pin-cushion! You cannot stand on it!" said her mother.

But, the photographer told her not to worry, as this could be easily done. He put the pins into the chocolate cupcake and prepared his camera to take the happy family portrait.

Thank you so much, Hind, for the beautiful story! I can't wait to share it with my daughter!


  1. :) aww I love this post very much!

  2. he he - cute story, and who wouldn't want to stand on a cupcake!

  3. LOL, Rowan! My daughter wouldn't want to stand on a cupcake among other people! She doesn't like the texture of icing even to eat :-)

  4. I love the owls....I liked it very much!!!I invite you my friend, to visit my blog...greetings from Brazil!:-)))


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