Great Owl Grochet-Along - Body

So, let's talk bodies... owl bodies, that is.


The pattern calls for a bit more of the going round and round before you get to dum dum dum!  -- decreasing.

The invisible decrease is one of the most useful stitches in amigurumi crochet. You can, of course, make a typical decrease if you prefer. But, if you use an invisible decrease, you'll avoid having yucky lumps and gaps  in your work.

There are two key pieces to making a decrease invisible.
  • Number one -- instead of working in both loops of the stitches from the previous round -- you work in just the front loops.
  • Number two -- You do not yarn over (YO) before picking up the first and second loops.
Let's have a look at your project. The back loops of your stitches are the ones facing the inside of your owl (where the stuffing will be). The front loops are on the outside.

To begin an invisible decrease, poke your hook through the front loop of the first stitch you're decreasing.

Then, without doing a yarn over, poke your hook through the front loop of the second stitch you're decreasing.

Now, you can yarn over and pull through all three loops on your hook. Can you spot the decrease in the round I just finished below? Me neither!

Next up, we'll attach the feet and belly patch. We're getting so close on this project! I can't wait to see everyone's finished owls!


  1. Is there an error in the pattern? I am doing the body and there are 2 rows labelled with row 28.

  2. Hi Katyha -- yes, you are correct. I was waiting to see if anyone noticed that ;-)

    Go ahead and make both of the rounds labeled 28 and then continue on with the pattern as if it didn't happen.

    I have the error corrected in newer versions, but never really saw it myself until after I handed out the free copies for the crochet-along.

    *** for bonus points, there is also a typo somewhere in the pattern... did you notice it? :-)

  3. Yes I did! on round 31 final is missing an 'L'. Is that the one?

  4. Good eye, Katyha! I'm going to have to get you to proof read next time I release a new pattern! :-)

  5. Awesome tip on the invisible decrease! I just tried it on an amigurumi shroom and it looks great. I don't like how the regular decrease pulls at the stitches and shows the stuffing.

    Thanks ♥

  6. Hooray!! Thank you so much for letting me know that my little tutorial helped, elf ♥ dwarf! I was worried that the pictures wouldn't explain it well enough :-)