Great Owl Crochet-Along Update

Wow! We've had a fantastic response for the crochet-along so far with participants from all over the world! Welcome aboard everyone!

I'm trying to get an introduction email out to everyone as they sign up with my email address and an invitation to the Flikr group. If anyone who has signed up by now hasn't received this information, please let me know in the comments.

And finally, we've gotten our first 10 sign-ups -- so that means the free copies of the pattern are gone. Maybe it's the coffee (very very yummy this morning) -- or maybe it's the lack of sleep, but I decided to extend the offer to anyone who signs up by the May 30 deadline. That's right.... free patterns for everyone who signs up by May 30 -- and remember the swap portion of the crochet-along is optional. So, if you prefer to keep your owl, that's totally fine!

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