Schmancy Olympic Challenge - My Entry

I finally got my entry for the Schmancy Olympic Challenge submitted last night. The challenge was to design a plush inspired by an event in the Winter Olympics and each participant was assigned an event. My event was "opening ceremonies," and here's what I came up with:

The dove has long been a symbol of peace and is recognized by many cultures. One tradition that is typically honored at the Summer Olympics is the symbolic release of doves. This was first done in the 1896 Olympics, and then in the 1920 Olympics. Since 1920, this has been an official part of the opening ceremony of the summer games.

Doves are generally not released during the winter games because it is simply too cold for the birds. But, I believe that the Winter Olympics deserve this symbol of peace and unity just as much as the summer games. So, I invented the Ice Dove.

Like their warmer-weather cousins, Ice Doves are beautiful symbols of peace and the best parts of humanity, but these pristine beauties are more suited to life among snow capped mountains and arctic pools. Ice Doves are most easily distinguished by their icy blue plumage and vibrant wing and tail feathers.

** Photos are courtesy of my amazingly talented younger brother.


  1. That is effin' amazing! And soooo cute. Great job!

  2. Tell DC that I really love the photo of the dove in your hands. ~;o)

  3. Thanks for the compliments!

    Daphna -- I am actually working on the pattern right now... well, ok... I'm responding to blog comments *right now*, but as soon as I'm done here, it's back to the pattern! :-)

  4. It's really nice, like the different colored patterning on the wings too. And the posing on the snow. :) I also did a bird (can be seen at http://www.simplypeaceable.com/home) recently but know mine need lots more improvement. :)

  5. Nice nice nice! Tthanx for the really beautiful doves. I've searched such a long time for a pattern like this! My husband wil love them!

  6. Did you ever complete the pattern to this beautiful Dove?

  7. As a matter of fact, Donna -- I did. Here is a link to the pattern in my Ravelry shop ==> http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/amigurumi-doves

    Or, you can head on over to Etsy and pick the pattern up there ==> http://www.etsy.com/shop/theitsybitsyspider

  8. Thank you! Got it can't wait to make it :D