Great Granny Swap: Day 6

We're rounding the halfway point on the Great Granny Swap, but I'm still in "design" mode. Today's square is called "Four Wheeler."

Perhaps ironically, I spent the whole day driving my brother around town... his 4-wheeler (a 2009 four-door Jeep) was in the shop to get new wheels and a lift kit. The center of the four wheels on this granny square are almost exactly the same color as my brother's Jeep.

In other news, I finished the pattern book, but it looks like it's going to be a little too pricey for me to print copies for everyone. That said, I do plan to make the file available (PDF), so if you want to print your own copies, you can go for it! I'll let everyone know when it's online... hopefully by the end of the weekend!

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