Going wacky for Iwako

A few months back I was visiting my local craft store (insert big plug for Pat Catan's here) and came across these adorable erasers. Little did I know, that there's and entire collector craze behind the little buggers and after digging through a few trays, I was hooked!

I fell in love with the hamsters but was unable to find any when I returned to the craft store to purchase them, so I ordered online. Of course, while I was ordering online, I was introduced to so many different varieties it made my head spin!

They've got food...

Who doesn't need an office set made from erasers?

And don't forget "Japanese life" erasers like these bento boxes

Of course, every one of them is ultra-cute in the way that only the Japanese can do , but I'm also finding them inspiring for some future amigurumi designs. Who knows what'll happen!

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  1. My grandmother bought a set of them erasers for my daughter.. They are just adorable I love all the japanese stuff.. and them erasers are great inspiration.