(Re-) Introducing Dust Kittens

I made my first dust kitten back in June as a tribute to my Polish heritage and fond memories of doing housework with my mom. Since then, the dust kittens have been upstaged by the Fuzzy Whazzits and other creations -- but just before Oddmall, I had the opportunity to revisit this pattern.

I am really "hooked" on brushed crochet (groan if you want, but the pun was intended) and have been wanting to try a fuzzy dust kitten for some time. I made up almost 20 fuzzy dust kittens for Oddmall and was honestly expecting to bring most of them back home with me. Boy, was I wrong! The fuzzy dust kittens were a hit and I was sold out of the little guys before the show was even halfway over.

Well, I've finally had a little time to re-stock my dust kittens. And this time, they've gone straight to the Etsy shop so that they're available to everyone. I also have dust kitten fan packs (with magnets and stickers), so make sure you stop by soon.

For those of you who crochet, the Dust Kitten pattern is also available as a download from Ravelry for only $1.00. these little guys make adorable Christmas gifts for cat lovers! Use the Buy Now button below to get your copy today

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