It's an OMG kind of day!

For those of you who don't speak text slang, OMG stands for "oh my God" and today is definitely an OMG kind of day! Last night I got word that my shop was going to be featured in Etsy's Halloween Indie Exclusive promotion for this weekend. This means some great promotional time in the spotlight with a link (almost) directly from Etsy's front page!

Check it out -- you go to www.etsy.com and click the Halloween Sale link.

My listing only made it to the second page of the guide (which is still pretty sweet), so make sure you click the link for page 2. More than 400 applications were made for this group, so I'll take page 2 with a big ol' grin!

Pretty amazing, right? But it gets better! As part of the promotion for this weekend's sales, the editorial staff also selected The Itsy Bitsy Spider to be included in the Storque blog! Only about half the artists that made it into this weekend's showcase were selected for the blog feature (36 artists to be exact... I'm #12).

If it wasn't pouring outside, I'd be running out in the yard to do a happy dance! What a day!

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  1. Congratulations! That is awesome. Go ahead and dance in the rain. It worked for Gene Kelly :)