Welcome to Gumi Gumi Island

Anyone who has checked out my blogger profile can tell you that I follow at least a dozen other amigurumi blogs. I love seeing what other folks are designing almost as much as I love designing my own ami friends.

One of the blogs I follow pretty regularly is Gumi Gumi Island. The blog is posted by The Knitting Turnip from Savona, Italy. "Turnip" primarily sells crochet patterns for her adorable baby dolls and bunnies. I'm not going to try to describe how cute her creations are... you just have to see for yourself:

All of Turnip's babies are dressed in the most adorable outfits, as you can see from this picture. She has babies in frog suits, bunny suits, piggy suits... each more adorable than the next!

Well, to make a long story short, I entered and won Turnip's September giveaway! My prize is one of her adorable babies in a bunny suit. I am so excited!

But this post is more than just "tooting my own horn." I haven't been able to find the details just yet, but it looks like Turnip is also planning a Halloween giveaway. I wonder if it will be one of those adorable babies in the Halloween costumes?

I encourage you to stop by her blog or her Etsy shop and see more of her work. I will also keep an eye open for details on her Halloween giveaway and let you know when and where to enter!

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