A little off the top

I'm beginning to think there's not going to be a Free Pattern this Sunday. Don't get me wrong, I really want to do one... but here's the problem...

Apparently, you need both your thumbs to crochet. Yeah, who would have guessed?

Yesterday afternoon, I was slicing a bagel for my daughter. I guess that's when my subconscious decided that my left thumb is just a little too long, because I sliced a little bit off the top. No worries -- it's didn't require any emergency care and I'm sure it will heal up just fine. But, I did need to put a bandage on it and today it's a little sore.

I can still crochet using the lower part of my thumb, but it is SLOOOOW going. And since I have a couple special orders stacked up, I think I'll be spending most of my weekend working on them. Sorry about that, folks.

But the whole adventure has made me think a little bit. I know that a lot of you are crocheters and many of you write your own patterns. Would any of you like to take a guest spot on Free Pattern Sunday to show off one of your free patterns? Of course, that wouldn't have to happen for tomorrow, but if you are interested I think it would be great to share the talents of our small family of readers. E-mail me if you are interested -- ibscrochet@gmail.com