Artist Showcase: Dancing Sheep

Well, the thumb is getting better... but not before it got me an a little more trouble this weekend. I've said before that I love looking at other people's amigurumi designs almost as much as I love designing my own. So, since I was laying off the thumb a little bit, I decided to do a little surfing on Etsy.

Seems that my latest obsession is owls, so I entered the search terms "owl crochet" and stumbled across the PERFECT little project bag!

The owl one shown is m-i-n-e MINE, but Dancing Sheep has a lot of other cool colors and designs available in her shop. Her fabric selections are just so much fun!

Check out some of these other lovelies that I found... just click on the images to go to the Etsy listings :-)



The nice thing about Dancing Sheep's bags is that you don't have to be a knitter or crocheter to enjoy them. The little mushroom zippy bag would make a cute tote for sewing notions, makeup, pencils, or other little things, and I can think of about a thousand other uses for the "project bags."

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  1. Those lil bags are perfect! I'm going to knit a cowl?sp for my mom! I feel brave lol