Free Pattern Sunday - love it or leave it?

We've had nearly two months now of Free Pattern Sundays (hard to believe, I know!) and I want to get your feedback on this feature.

It seems like I rarely get comments on the Free Pattern Sunday posts, so I'm asking... have you tried or queued any of the patterns? If not, why? Not your style? Too complicated?

Here's where I'm going with this line of questions -- making up the samples for Free Pattern Sunday has been a lot of fun for me, but they're also taking a bit more time than I anticipated. So far, it's been fine because most of the items have sold relatively well in my shop, but the effort is taking time away from the quality and variety of things I've been posting in this blog. For example, I have been meaning to do and Amigurumi Workshop on decreasing for some time now, but it keeps getting put on the back burner.

So, I'd like to know -- do you like Free Pattern Sunday? If so, do you like it more than the Amigurumi Workshops or the Artist Showcases? Do you think I should keep it up at the same frequency? Less often? Can it alltogether?

I really want this blog to be something my readers enjoy visiting, so please take a minute and give me a few comments on this post. Thank you!!


  1. I am sorry to say, I have not made anything yet.I want to try the phone,but ya know how time goes..my idea for the free pattern Sunday would be.do what makes you the most happy.maybe keep the free stuff for Ravelry or something.or maybe do something free once a month, to free your time up for your store. I do love your patterns.does this help any?be true to yourself,Amy

  2. Free pattern saturday is a great idea!! I made more, I have another blog and I put one free pattern each days LOL !
    ps. The name is Link brawl

  3. If I knew how to make these lil guys I would LOVE it lol I have actually saved a few bc once I do learn I want to make them! So keep it up!!!

  4. I don't know about others, but my 'things to crochet' list is a long one and I don't always get to things right away, although I do plan on making them eventually. So I think whatever is easiest for you regarding the free patterns. I will visit your blog regardless because I love it, and I just have to see what you're up to next!