Piles of CUPCAKES!

The cupcake featured in my cupcake pattern sold a few weeks ago to a third grade teacher in Oklahoma who was going to give it as a baby gift. But, when the cupcake arrived, she found it impossible to give away! Here's what she wrote in her Etsy convo:

I have a confession to make. The adorable cupcake I bought from you was supposed to be a baby gift for a friend. The problem is that I love it so much, I don't think I can give her away!

So, instead of giving her cupcake away, this art teacher (and artist herself) decided to order 15 more! She told me that she is planning to make gift sets for some friends and has requested three different icing colors: the pink and white from my original pattern, a brown "chocolate" icing, and a cream cheese icing.

I love the way the cupcakes are turning out so far, but I have to say that the cupcakes with the cream cheese icing are my favorite. For the icing, I found some TLC Baby yarn in a creamy white with pink, yellow, and blue speckles. The speckles are so cool because they come out looking like candy sprinkled on top of the cupcake! YUM!!

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