Artist Showcase: Blueberry Days

Recently I indulged in a purchase from Etsy artist Blueberry Days (her real name is Joy). Now, it is RARE for me to purchase a finished crochet item, since I can approximate a lot of the items I see. So, you have to know that this artist is special.

Jeremy the cunning mouse arrived last week along with his traveling companion, a little Blueberry Bug. The pattern Joy uses for her Blueberry critters is not exactly complicated -- the real value in these amigurumi comes from the love she puts into each creation.

Each Blueberry critter (there are mice, bunnies, monkeys, bats, and bears) has a backstory that tells his or her likes. And, to my surprise and delight, Joy carried my critter's story all the way through my purchase. Here is the Etsy Convo I recieved from her after my purchase:

Ah, Jeremy! :) You'll like him I think, he's one of the more clever mice that I've made, though also a bit more mischievous (keep an eye on your strawberry jelly, he loves that stuff!) I shall include a little Blueberry Bug with him, so he won't get lonely in the post. Thanks so much Spider!


True to Joy's beautiful photos, Jeremy is a little work of art. The stitches are tight and even and you can see Joy's attention to detail in the in the way that the ears and tail are attached. Jeremy's needle-felted Blueberry Bug is absolutely darling and Joy even selected a lovely red color that coordinates with Jeremy's orange and yellow ears.

You really have to visit Joy's shop and check out all the other creations she has available -- even if it's just to admire the photos and stories. In fact, you should JUST admire her work since a lot of her creations are already on MY wish list!

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